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rimrender's Journal

issue: one each
"I'm not bald, I cut my hair like this."
- Reid Fleming: World's Toughest Milkman

Cause I love the Ska.

....and Violence.

That's right....Skinhead.
Deal with it.

Being a computer type person pays the bills. I, basically, got tired of trading sweat and blood (literally) for cash.

LJ is how I keep in touch with friends that through the years have been spread out all over or that I've moved away from. Plus I'm on the road all the time now with work.
Its also helps find some of those people I've lost contact with. So if you're one of them, just find my ramblings entertaining, or share some kind of similar interest; jump on in...

Past:Infantry/Airborne Team & Squad Leader, Construction Worker, Psychiatric Childcare, College Schmuck, Help Desk(Apple)
Now: Defense Contractor: Sys Admin/IMO- The biggest and most complicated RTS game you've never seen. "Training the Army's war fighters."

“The old saying ‘Live and Learn’ must be reversed in war, for there we ‘Learn and Live’; otherwise we die”. U.S. Department of War Pamphlet, No. 20-17, July 1945

Have lived in: PA, GA, NC, Panama, NoVA, DC, MD(B'more Hon), & Now KS; not counting deployments and extended stays around this great big ball of hate. Bounced around between a few of those places along the way.

If I see you on the Friend Of list I'm adding you to my friends list.

Oh, and I fucking HATE Kansas.

I get around.....

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